Anchor Your Peace


Anchor Your Peace

Carina Devi

In meditation, there is a place you will find within yourself. After mind chatter has settled, your body has grounded, and you’ve really drawn your focus into your breath, there is a spacious field you enter.

It often feels warm, tingling, light, expansive, peaceful, and joyful. It’s the space where your thoughts slow and you feel lovingly drawn into the quiet spaces between them. You may feel superhuman - invincible to the stressors of life. This peaceful space is deeply restorative and can fill your tank like nothing else.

One of the most frustrating challenges that people experience when starting a meditation practice is that it takes them a long time to “drop in” to that space. Even when it comes effortlessly once, the next session might present more challenges.

I’m going to share with you a simple way to help you drop in, but first I want to speak of your meditation practice as a living, breathing thing. Your meditation practice is an aspect of you. You are an active participant, having committed to being present within your internal wilderness. Your practice does not exist in a vacuum, separate from everything else in your life. It is intimately entangled with your body, thoughts, emotions, fears, concerns, victories, joys, to-do lists, and everything else that you carry with you in your daily life. Meditation offers the opportunity to let that all fade away and feel the true nature of yourself: centered, radiant, and joyful.

But just because we can “get there” sometimes, does not mean that we will experience that state in every meditation. Your only task in meditation is simply to focus your mind to the best of your ability on that day - which, let’s be honest, might only last for a second or two. 

And just as you experience phases in your life as a mother and a human being - a few days of ease and confidence followed by a few days of stress and busyness - so too does your meditation practice ebb and flow.

One way we can help ourselves connect to this peaceful state more easily is by creating a Peace Anchor.

A Peace Anchor is a physical object that you bring into your meditation practice. 

Here are some examples:

  • Burn a stick of incense or bundle of herbs

  • Wear of diffuse the same essential oil

  • Wear the same scarf, sweater, head covering, or blanket

  • Listen to the same music (try binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, mantra music, or nature sounds)

  • Choose a crystal, rock, piece of jewelry or other small item and place it within your eyesight or on your lap

Every time you meditate, use the same anchor (ex. Place your crystal in your lap). As you continue your meditation practice, your brain will begin to associate your Peace Anchor with the states you reach in meditation.

As this association becomes more etched into your subconscious mind, you will begin to feel those states of peace simply by seeing, smelling, hearing, or feeling your Peace Anchor.

You are effectively creating new neuronal pathways in support of your well-being.

Once a Peace Anchor feels solid, meaning that it effortlessly calms and centers you simply by noticing or thinking about it, you can begin to create more of them. 

One of the loveliest ways to bring our meditation practice off the cushion and into daily life is by surrounding ourselves with Peace Anchors. Whether you’ve meditated with them or not, a Peace Anchor can truly be anything that reminds you of your center. Imagine having at least one Peace Anchor in every room of your house.

When you’re making dinner, the framed photo of the river you love reminds you of how you feel when you’re there.

When you’re feeding your baby in the middle of the night, the dream catcher on the wall reminds you of feeling light and at ease.

When you’re at a stoplight while running errands, you see the amethyst crystal in the cup holder and are reminded of the dreamy state it connects you to.

When you are rummaging around in your purse for your wallet, you see your meditation scarf balled up and feel the same relaxation you feel while wearing it.

When you’re doing laundry, you smell that familiar and grounding frankincense oil on your clothes.

While surrounding ourselves with Peace Anchors don’t make us immune to stress, they do balance the scale of stress vs. peace in our lives. And while your home may eventually feel more like a yoga studio than a place where lots of little people live, just start with one Peace Anchor.

Meditate with it, do yoga with it, relax with it, and watch how beautifully it impacts your life.

How can you incorporate Peace Anchors into your meditation practice? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash