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3 Strategies for Better Work-Life Balance

You are a loving, dedicated mother who works inside or outside the home. You have strong intentions to be present with your children while you also have to (or choose to) work. The demands from work require your time, presence, and attention. The demands from home require your time, presence, and attention. These worlds need and want you to be available 100% of the time and yet there is only one you… whew! What is a working mama to do!? 

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If you can't Choose Perfect, Choose Better

There is so much information out there right now about how to live a “cleaner lifestyle” and how important that is for so many reasons. I don’t know about you, but sometimes this stresses me out! Where do I start? Do I need to change everything I am doing right now? Am I a bad person for using a plastic straw or using a plastic zip lock bag? This idea of changing your lifestyle can span so many areas of our life—food, motherhood, our use of plastics. Today I am just going to focus on a few swaps you can make in your house.

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Mindfulness is NOT just for Hippies

Why would a nerdy science mom without a hippy bone in her body want to write for a mindfulness blog? Mindfulness isn’t always about communing with nature, or finding your heart center while balancing in downward dog. Mindfulness is being in the moment, letting go of mental distractions, and appreciating the details of life.

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How to Defeat the Worry Bug

I’ve heard that it’s normal to worry more as we enter parenthood, but I wanted to reduce the constant feeling of unease and replace it with joy about being a mother. I worked hard to squash the worry bug. I think some fear can serve a purpose, but this worry that was dictating my thoughts was not how I wanted to live.

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What is Mindfulness and Why it Matters to Moms

The other day I was walking down the grocery store aisle and saw not one, but three magazines with the word “Mindfulness” on the front cover. My smile widened as I picked up the magazines to browse the headlines. Mindfulness is catching on like wildfire and The Mindful Mamas Club is working hard to make sure this life-changing practice is truly accessible to ALL moms in every stage of motherhood, from trying to conceive all the way through empty nesting. 

What is all this buzz about and why does The Mindful Mamas Club feel so passionate about it? 

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