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A Postpartum Depression Story

This is the face of postpartum depression. I may look happy, but moments before I was crying to my friend Cori about how hard motherhood was. After calming down, she took this picture of me. I am grateful for this picture because it reminds me of the delicate state we are in as mothers, and it reminds me of the invisibility of postpartum depression. 

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Self Care and Balance

For me, having some balance provides me the mind space to be present for my family. I am currently thinking a lot about how I can find a balance that feels right in my life. I don't think I am alone in wanting it all - self care, exercise, rewarding work, uninterrupted time with family, time to clean the house, homemade food that the whole family can eat, alone time with my significant other...and so much more. Balance doesn’t come from having everything, rather from having enough of what we need, when we need it. How can we do that? 

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Mindfulness is NOT just for Hippies

Why would a nerdy science mom without a hippy bone in her body want to write for a mindfulness blog? Mindfulness isn’t always about communing with nature, or finding your heart center while balancing in downward dog. Mindfulness is being in the moment, letting go of mental distractions, and appreciating the details of life.

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