If you can't Choose Perfect, Choose Better


If you can’t Choose Perfect, Choose Better

By Chelsea Gorsky

I recently came across this article from Stasher. It specifically talks about how to live a zero-waste lifestyle, but I resonated with this line in particular,

If you can’t choose perfect, choose better.

Maybe you will too. 

There is so much information out there right now about how to live a “cleaner lifestyle” and how important that is for so many reasons. I don’t know about you, but sometimes this stresses me out! Where do I start? Do I need to change everything I am doing right now? Am I a bad person for using a plastic straw or using a plastic zip lock bag? This idea of changing your lifestyle can span so many areas of our life—food, motherhood, our use of plastics. Today I am just going to focus on a few swaps you can make in your house. Mostly though, I’m going to remind you that it’s not all or nothing. Let’s focus on doing better, not being perfect. It’s about progress, not perfection. Changing my thoughts on that helped me breathe easier but also helped me start making changes. 

Three things you can do today: 

Ditch the dryer sheets

Examine your cleaning supplies

Focus on what you put on your skin

Do you still use dryer sheets? I am here to encourage you to break up with your dryer sheets and fabric softeners! Take a few minutes to read this article from Branch Basics about the importance of changing this habit today. It’s important to know that these seemingly necessary additions to our laundry routine are among the most toxic of all the chemicals we use in our house. They cling to our clothes and then seep into our skin. These chemicals and the smell associated with them have been known to cause so many health concerns.   

An alternative: wool dryer balls with a drop or 2 of essential oils. You might miss those dryer sheets initially but soon you will come to love the alternatives! 

Moving on to our household cleaners. Have you considered what’s in your cleaning products lately? By now you have probably heard the concerns about what is in traditional cleaning products and why making a swap to safer alternatives is a good idea. I completely understand the apprehension--it is often hard to consider that a product you have been using for years could potentially be harmful and that there could be something that will clean just as well. This article does a great job of breaking it down and suggesting some affordable alternatives. As I write this, I have my Amazon cart full of a few of their suggestions! 

Lastly, let’s talk about what you are putting on your skin. I know this is a hard topic because, just like other products you use around your house, once you find makeup or lotion you love, it is hard to give it up! But the reality is that what we use on our skin matters. More and more research is coming out indicating that the chemicals in our personal care products have an impact on our health. There is very little regulation when it comes to what is allowed in the products people use on their bodies everyday. A recent New York Times article laid out what we need to know and why. It used to be that you had to give up performance for safety but that just isn’t the case anymore. There are a lot of companies jumping on board with the “Clean Beauty” movement. Hopefully one day soon, we will be able to purchase cleaner, safer products from every company. 

Remember, “If you can’t choose ‘perfect’, choose ‘better’”. We are all striving for better, not best, and progress, not perfection.

A change, no matter how small, is a change in the right direction.

Start small, replenish something that runs out with a product that is cleaner and safer for you and your family. And then do that again. I promise, once those fragrances and chemicals are out of your house, you won’t miss them! In fact, the scent of them will be so strong you will wonder how you ever used them in the first place.

A great resource for some safer alternatives and research: https://lindsaydahl.com/

What can you do around your house to be be better, even if it’s not perfect?

Connect with the Author, Chelsea Gorsky, @Chelsea.healthy.happy