A Kindergarten Transition


A Kindergarten Transition: A milestone accomplishment that warrants pause and celebration

By Laura McMullin

There are moments when we are called to pause and reflect on the journey in ways that allow us to savor the magic and celebrate the beauty of life. I’m in such a moment now as I enjoy summer with my family and get ready for my 5 year old to start Kindergarten soon. 

When I look at my girl, I see the beauty of life complete.  

She is joy in motion. She is , passion in full swing., c

Creativity in highfull volume, and a dancing queen.

She is a kaleidoscope of talent with golden wings.

She is An angel in disguise with compassion in her eyes for all things.

She is peaceful in her play and there is magic in her eyes. 

A supernova star that is elegant and wise.

She is peaceful in her play and makes magic her way. 

My daughter inspires me in so many ways. 

From the moment she arrived to this very day, 

I live in gratitude and in awe I stay.Everyday I’m so thankful for this little one, 

As she continues to show me all that life can become. She is everything I hope to become one day. 

When I think of her going to Kindergarten in a few weeks, so many feelings arise. I am excited yet worried, hopeful yet nervous, peaceful yet panicky. I’m trying to move through this transition in ways that provide stability and comfort for my child while tending to my own feelings as they arise. Part of me is in denial and another part of me is excited for her to take the next step on her journey. Afterall, she came here with great purpose to experience life to the fullest and going to Kindergarten is one of those milestone accomplishments that warrant pause and celebration. 

Five years ago, my sweet daughter existed as pure hope… then she existed as two cells merged into one. Then she became a “grape” growing into a baby and now she’s a beautiful person with her own passions, talents, and ideas. I still remember the first ultrasound when the nurse declared that my daughter was the size of a grape.  She was the most beautiful grape I had ever seen. Five years later, this little lady is larger than life and is getting ready for a big change. I know she’ll be okay… I’m just hoping I can keep it together as my baby keeps growing and becoming all she is destined to be. 

Right alongside my daughter’s big step into kindergarten, is my little guy at 1 year old getting ready to start the same nursery/preschool that his sister went to for the last 4 years--another major transition for my family. As my sweet son starts his own journey, he’ll have the same teachers big sister had at his age, going through the same classrooms she went through and playing with the same toys she played with while having his own experience as a unique person engaging with the world in his own way… he absolutely loves it there and I’m so excited to see him revel in the joy of play and friendship. 

In a few weeks both kiddos will be in new schools experiencing life in new ways. It’s such a special time for my family as we celebrate the children’s growth and navigate through these significant transitions. With deep gratitude for the blessing of life, I’m curious to see how these unique transitions will shift dynamics at home and all that will be called from me as a mother-in-progress responding to it all.

How many of you have kissed your kiddos goodbye for their first day of Kindergarten? Any advice for this mama?