Social Media with Mindfulness


Social Media with Mindfulness

By Haley Nicole

With social media on the rise, it is easy to get sucked into our screens. This is not only bad for productivity and mood stability, but it can also serve as a bad influence on your children. Digging into how social media makes you feel can help you uncover how to use it more mindfully.  You can make better decisions on how often you use these sites by becoming aware of the emotions you invite to your day with their use. These platforms are your virtual home and it is important to make them a place of joy. 

Try this practice to explore what your favorite sites are communicating to your subconscious:

  1. Sit down and find a comfortable posture. 

  2. Take a few deep breaths

  3. Take note of your physical and emotional state. 

  4. Open your phone to the home screen

  5. Before clicking on an app, think about what expectations you have for your visit. 

  6. Consider why you might be checking this site and think about what you may be hoping to see. Also think about what you’re hoping to not see. Consider how you are going to react to what updates you encounter. By checking this app are you seeking to connect, distract, or disconnect? 

  7. Now gently close your eyes, take a few deep breaths (“smell the flowers/blow out the candles”) and refocus your current state. 

  8. Open your eyes and begin to look at the first status update or photo, and then sit back and close your eyes again.

  9. What emotion did this post bring you? Did it bring joy, happiness, jealousy, or sadness? Did it urge you to continue reading, share feedback or something else?

  10. Take a few more deep breaths before continuing to the next post and repeat this exercise.

By examining the relationship we have with social media we can continue to build positive experiences with their use.

What did you notice from the exercise? In what ways can you practice being mindful with your screen time?

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Haley is a mom of two wildlings. Grayson, is two years old and Blakely is 3 months old. Haley has been a doula for 2 years. In addition to helping mommas out with their birthing journey, Haley also empowers her online community by providing positive affirmations and creating a safe place to express the struggles of motherhood. On her blog she also shares traveling adventures, toddler learning and endless pictures of her tribe.