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9 Ways to Help New Parents

Whether you have had kids before or not, having a newborn can be stressful and chaotic. It takes a village, which is where you come in. Below are some ideas for ways you can support new parents through the transition of life with a baby. Use them as a starting place and get as creative as you want, no gesture is too small. If you are a new parent yourself, put this list on your fridge for a friendly reminder for anyone stopping by. It always helps to have ideas ready to go.

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How to Defeat the Worry Bug

I’ve heard that it’s normal to worry more as we enter parenthood, but I wanted to reduce the constant feeling of unease and replace it with joy about being a mother. I worked hard to squash the worry bug. I think some fear can serve a purpose, but this worry that was dictating my thoughts was not how I wanted to live.

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