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Self Care and Balance

For me, having some balance provides me the mind space to be present for my family. I am currently thinking a lot about how I can find a balance that feels right in my life. I don't think I am alone in wanting it all - self care, exercise, rewarding work, uninterrupted time with family, time to clean the house, homemade food that the whole family can eat, alone time with my significant other...and so much more. Balance doesn’t come from having everything, rather from having enough of what we need, when we need it. How can we do that? 

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3 Strategies for Better Work-Life Balance

You are a loving, dedicated mother who works inside or outside the home. You have strong intentions to be present with your children while you also have to (or choose to) work. The demands from work require your time, presence, and attention. The demands from home require your time, presence, and attention. These worlds need and want you to be available 100% of the time and yet there is only one you… whew! What is a working mama to do!? 

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