Welcome to The Mindful Mamas Club Blog


Welcome to The Mindful Mamas Club Blog

By Terra Larock

Terra LaRock here, founder and CEO of The Mindful Mamas Club (MMC for short). I wanted to be the FIRST to welcome you to our BLOG!

From now on you can expect to get the latest and greatest tips and advice on self-care, motherhood, relationships, mindfulness, and more.

We aim to be your one-stop-mothering-shop for information and inspiration no matter where you are in your motherhood journey.

Before we dive into our first official blog post, I wanted to make sure I personally invite you to join our newsletter list. Make sure to save your seat by clicking the button and opting in to the form below.

Now that we are officially friends, I wanted to take a quick moment to explain who I am and why I founded The Mindful Mamas Club. 

Hi! This is me and beautiful and crazy family. It’s so nice to meet you! Photo by Kyla Fear

Hi! This is me and beautiful and crazy family. It’s so nice to meet you! Photo by Kyla Fear

Why I Founded MMC

I have always loved helping others. My background is in Child, Family, and School Psychology. I held diverse jobs in the wellness and education field: volunteering as an art teacher in an orphanage in Guatemala, conducting play and art therapy activities in an oncology center, and working as a psychologist in the public school sector. 

In 2016, I became a new mom to a beautiful but very fussy and colicy baby. Plus I was working in a veryyyyyy stressful environment. It was the kind of job that I would leave me in tears, the kind that would keep me up at night, and the kind of job that filled me with passion but was unfortunately taking more from me emotionally and psychically than it was giving back. When I would get home, I was greeted with an infant who screamed without fail for two hours a night. My husband and I were doing our best to navigate parenthood, but the stress of my job combined with the temperament of our daughter left us feeling disconnected and lonely. I went from stress at work to stress at home. Stress became a constant in my life and a feeling that I got to know all too well for many months.

In the midst of navigating my new role as a mother and the uncertainty about my career, I was slammed with a bout of postpartum depression and OCD. I suffered in silence for many months - ashamed that I did not have the tools I needed to manage my stress despite my work as a mental health provider. Thankfully, I found the courage to tell my husband that I was suffering, found a doctor who actually listened to me, and after many months of counseling and mindfulness training, believed that my mental health was not my fault. It had nothing to do with my abilities in managing my stress. 

Here’s the part where I found my life purpose...

I had always used mindfulness as a therapeutic approach when working with my students. It was something that my students gravitated to. While I liked to think of myself as living an intentional and grateful life, I had no idea what I was missing in my life until I took a 10 week intensive mindfulness course for caregivers. This course changed EVERYTHING for me.

Through mindfulness, I learned how to lean into gratitude and react less to my strong emotions. I learned how to savor the beautiful moments with my family and navigate the stressful ones in ways that I could be proud of. I learned how to be with my thoughts, tune into my body, and cultivate self-love. Mindfulness became less of a practice for me and more of a way of life. 

I wake up with intention.

I have the ability to drop down and sit with myself in ways that I never thought possible.

I enjoy my life to the core.

I no longer process anger, disappointment, shame, or guilt the same way.

Because of this transformation, I am able to be the mother, wife, and friend I always knew I could be. 

My children are reaping the benefits of having a mindful mother too. I know that I am modeling for them how to work through and identify stress, communicate effectively, and understand how to give to yourself to people without completely depleting your resources. 

Mindfulness is a practice that transformed the way I see my world and it is one that I want to bring to you. 

I want to demystify what living mindfully means. No, we don’t need to hold hands and say kumbaya. No, we don’t have to stop our thoughts when practicing mindfulness (that is impossible). And no, we don’t have to take a lot of time out of our day to cultivate it. Mindfulness isn’t another thing to add to the list. It is all about micro changes to your day, your thoughts, and your intentions to help you uncover the beauty in your life. 

I can’t wait to keep sharing this with you. This is my passion and every single day I wake up feeling truly blessed to be alive. Postpartum depression almost took my life but I found my way back. Learning mindfulness was a huge part of my recovery. I will spend the rest of my life teaching it to women around the world so they too can feel like the super woman they were destined to be. 

Thank you for being here.

With gratitude,

Terra LaRock

Terra LaRock